Promotional Product - Frequently Asked Questions

More than forty-five fellow promotional distributors shared their customer questions and experiences. If you have any questions not listed herein please by all means feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. These questions were gathered on a social forum for use as an aid to customers, they are by no means the sole implied opinion of Pierson Promotional. 

*Updated 01/30/2024

Is White and Black a Color?

When imprinting on promo items (Pens, Mugs, T-shirts) white will be considered one of your imprint colors unless imprinting on a white item. (ex. 1 Color/1Location) When printing on paper white will not be considered a color. 

Can I have that by tomorrow?

The only items with next day turnaround are printed materials, and only if you are located in the Colorado Springs Area. We are an online promotional distributor and 98% of our products are not on hand/in-shop.

Do you have “Pint Glasses” that come in other sizes?

Our pint glasses will only be 16oz (a pint), we do carry shot glasses, and whisky glasses as well. 

I want to order pens, but I don’t know what I want or how much I want to spend.

with over 8,500 options with pens we can assist you with this but knowing whether you prefer plastic, metal, stylus or premium would greatly assist us with guiding your selection. 

You mean I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is rarely free unless a specific supplier is offering it because of a special. Shipping will not be on quote, but will be on the completed PO when they calculate taxes as well. 

I don’t want to pay shipping can I pick them up from your office?

Sorry but No. In special cases (local clients only) clients may pick up apparel or print items from local vendors. 

So you make these pens in your home office, right? We prefer to deal with local businesses.

We are a locally owned and operated Colorado business. We DO NOT manufacture any of our promotional products. 


What is bleed? Why do you need bleed? What is Hi-res?

- coming - 

Spec sample vs Virtual sample

Can’t you get my logo from my website?

The logo from your website will never be in the correct format or size needed for printing any of your promotional products. Websites are using raster images and most vendors need "print ready" art files in a vector format or Hi-Res. 

“I have a quote from somebody else that is lower, Can you beat the price?  I really want to do business with you!”

We don't price match, but you could still ask. 

Why Do I have to pay 3 setups? It’s all the same artwork. (Multiple Product order/ Multiple Vendors)

If the items all come from different vendors they will each apply their own respective setup fee.

Can I get 50 at that price? (minimum quantity of 250)

No, Maybe yes (LOL). Posted minimums can be worked around but that is entirely upon the suppliers discretion. Those that allow you to get less than minimum (LTM) require that you get 50% of the posted quantity and will add a LTM charge typically $45 - $60

What is your fax number? I’d like to fax our artwork over to you.

Artwork can not be delivered via fax machine. Art files need to be emailed and in their "art-ready" format. preferably a vector file. (.eps, .ai) or pdf. 

You already have my logo, why is there a setup charge?

Setup fees are applied by the manufacturers. Unless the order is a re-order they will assess an initial setup charge.

In some case re-orders could have a reduced-setup fee. 

Do the balloons come already inflated?

Our balloons will NEVER come inflated. I'd hate to imagine what is cost to ship 1000 inflated balloons. 


Commented Questions

I have an exact repeat order...It just has new artwork and different sizes

An exact reorder will have NO changes other than quantity ordered. Changing the artwork adds a setup fee and different sizes could lead to changes in price if they are larger items. 

I love my Logo, why do I have to pay for a screen for each color? (10 color logo)

Whatever product this may be (likely a t-shirt), they will have to align and setup the product 10 times. Look for another imprinting option or ask if the product has a multi-color setup. 

I don’t understand why the embroidery costs so much.

Embroidery is very specific. When garments are getting embroidered they will have to determine the thread count. The larger and more complex the art the higher the thread count (most times). 

Why does the 4x shirt cost so much? 

4x Shirts costs more because the manufacturer sells fewer of them and there's just more material. 




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